Evolution Optiks Ltd. is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen Olvey had joined its team as Chief Medical Advisor. Dr. Olvey has over 50 years’ experience in motorsports medicine and is a world-renowned expert on concussion and traumatic brain injury.

A graduate from Indiana University Medical School, Dr. Steve Olvey served as medical director of various race tracks and motorsports series. He was a founding member and first chairman of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences and a founding fellow of the FIA Institute for Motorsports Safety. An associate professor of clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Olvey serves on the committee on Safety in Motorsports of the American College of Sports Medicine and on the Medical Advisory Panel of the FIA Medical Commission. He has published several articles on motorsports medicine and authored two books, one of which, “Rapid Response”, a memoir of his career in motorsports medicine, was the basis of a documentary of the same name which premiered in 2019.

In the last decade, concussion has become a major concern in sports medicine. It most often occurs in contact sports such as football and ice hockey as well as the lower series of motorsports. Evolution Optiks is working to develop a telemedicine diagnostic device for on-field use that can quickly and reliably identify traumatic brain injury. “We feel very privileged that Steve has agreed to work with us on this important project. Our team will richly benefit from his expertise and extensive knowledge gained over many years in motorsports medicine. Steve’s commitment to the safety and health of race drivers and athletes is a true inspiration”, said Raul Mihali, CEO of Evolution Optiks.